Canaan Cemetery Annual Report 2018

Cemetery custodian Barry Geddes had a very busy summer and has kept the cemeteries looking good. There were a number of burials of people who lived elsewhere at the time of their death but came home to Canaan. The clear majority of burials are cremations. For 2018, we had 22 burials of which only 4 were full burials.

The Town is continuing to complete mapping of the Canaan Street Cemetery and Wells Annex and we are not yet able to put our maps on line. It remains a goal to complete this process as soon as resources allow. Most of this work is being done by Vicky McAlister, our Town Clerk.

shedNew water lines were installed at the Wells Annex and the Canaan Street Cemetery late last fall. This was completed at the same time that a new storage building and pump house was constructed to provide water throughout the cemetery.

The monies for this project came a fund set up many years ago by Emiline Davis, that was to be used for water only. For many years, it was used only at Wells Cemetery. Some of that money was freed up through the court to be used at other cemeteries thanks to the efforts of the Trustees of the Trust Fund.

Once again, a big thanks to the Cardigan Mountain 4-H Club for their continued annual cleanup of the Schofield Cemetery. We appreciate all your effort.

Respectfully submitted,
Canaan Board of Selectmen

grave yard  gravestoneCobble Hill Cemetery on South Road is one of Canaan's Oldest Cemeteries.