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3 ambulances in lit garage baysCanaan F.A.S.T., Inc was incorporated as an all volunteer ambulance in 1976. The purpose of the corporation has been to provide emergency medical care for the citizens of Canaan and, by mutual aid agreements, the surrounding towns. The operating budget has consisted of donations from the towns it covers and from private individuals. In 2005 the Incorporation began "Soft Billing" as a means of financing the increasing costs of operations and transferring some of the fiscal responsibility to the specific individuals being served. This, along with the continued donations from the towns being served and the squads fund raising efforts, enabled the service to improve the vehicles and equipment provided to the community.

ambulance at hospitalAs F.A.S.T. entered an increased usage phase,it became necessary to employ one full-time EMT and one on-call EMT for daytime coverage. The remainding operating hours are covered with volunteers who receive a stipend when it becomes necessary to transport the ill or injured individual to a medical facility to receive emergency care. Members do not receive financial incentive or reimbursement for the majority of the continuing education hours mandated by the State of New Hampshire and the National Registry of Emergency Technicians. Thus the members are to be commended for their many hours of dedication to the community.

In 2019, Canaan F.A.S.T., Inc transferred the assets of the non-profit to the Town of Canaan, which set up the quasi-independent Canaan Emergency Medical Services department. CEMS is managed by an elected Chief of Service and associated assistants. The budget is now nearly $400,000 a year with about 43% coming from the four cooperating towns of Dorchester, Orange, Grafton and Canaan. About 34% comes from insurance reimbursements, 9% from contracted services for public events and 14% from donations.

There are 26 EMTs, AEMTs and Paramedics. Coverage is scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Emergency Medical Service has 3 ambulances to serve the communities. The Service receives about $125,000 in tax funding from the Town of Canaan, is technically part of Town government, has payroll through the Town payroll system, is accounted for as a Town department and is audited annually. The actual day-to-day operation is under the supervision of the Chief of Service and the Operations Director. There is still only 1 full time employee with the rest being volunteers who receive a nominal stipend.

ambulance decontamination
Our ambulances are being properly decontaminated after calls. Here is Jordyn wearing an N95 mask, safety glasses, a gown, and gloves while using the decon sprayer. We are doing what we can to make our community safe.

kids by ambulance

2019 Fundraising

fundraising letter page 1

fundraising letter page 2
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Old Home Days, August 4, 2019

cow flop fundraiser

Clow Flop Contest Fundraiser

ambulances in garage


staff picture



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kids inside ambulance

3 ambulances

photo collage of award ceremony

Read the Entire Letter of Commendation Here!

Photos of the Ceremony

award recipients award recipientsaward recipients award presenter


Photos of Extraction Training that led to the high level of expertise which resulted in Commendation!

fire fighters learning car extraction techniques

fire fighters practicing extractions

mangled car

2015: EOC Receives Grant!

EOC before equipmentThe Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located in the new addition at the complex that houses the Police, Fire, and Ambulance departments has received a grant for $98,000. This money will be used for office and communications equipment, including sophisticated computer systems that will allow us to communicate with the state regional resources and local fire, police, highway, and rescue teams during any community emergency.

The town of Canaan typically needs an emergency operations center at least once or twice per year. More than 50 individual employees and volunteers have assigned roles in emergency situations in Canaan. They have performed with great professionalism and dedication for decades.

F.A.S.T. Squad Addition Creates a "Emergency Operations Center" with the Police and Fire Departments

In 2014 work was completed on the FAST Squad addition. The general contractor, MTD organized the construction and the footings were poured by Labine. The construction process was managed by the FAST Squad with financing through Mascoma Savings Bank.

footings footings

While the finished building, which houses the F.A.S.T. Squad, the Police Department and the Fire Department is owned by the Town of Canaan, all of the funding and construction was the responsibility of the FAST Squad.

bays vehicles

This addition for the F.A.S.T. Squad allows for a third ambulance as well as two small bunk rooms for 24 hour coverage by the FAST Squad. Additional space is being used by the Police Department for a larger booking area and holding cell with a bathroom, and a larger evidence room. In addition, a large public meeting room was created where the former police garage was located.

dedication plaque

On August 15, 2014 more than a hundred people joined F.A.S.T. Squad members in taking tours of the facility and enjoying refreshments donated by Chappy Kilgore and Susan Ignacio. Chief Sam Frank acted as emcee and thanked more than thirty corporate and individual donors who made the complex financially possible. The facility was dedicated to those volunteers and donors. A number of community volunteers were also recognized for their labor in completing the job as was MTD Construction.

office bunk

open house open house

concept image