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Members Needed:

The Canaan Conservation Commission is currently seeking up to three individuals to serve as full time members of the Commission.

The Commission meets the first Monday of the month at the Senior Center from 7-8pm.

The term of service for a full time member is three years.

Interested parties are welcomed to email Bill Chabot, Co-Chair, at bill.chabot
for more info, or are invited to attend the next scheduled meeting.

Elementary School Programs at the Nature Hut

Children hiking in woods
children observing water ecology pan
line of children hiking
children in woods

During the first week of June 2016, the Canaan Conservation Commission hosted K-4 classes on educational field trips within the town forest. The curriculum consisted of three topics: plant ecology, wetland ecology and animal ecology. Over 100 students were able to partake in the program. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience nature first hand and ask questions about the area's flora and fauna. Many teachers expressed gratitude and interest in repeating something similar next year. We hope this will be the first of many partnerships with local educational institutions. We invite all who are interested to explore the town forest and to experience first hand why forested wetland ecosystems are essential to preserve.

Mascoma River
Mascoma River Local Advisory Council

(Mascoma River LAC)
10 Water Street, Suite 225
Lebanon, NH 03766

You've probably never heard of the Mascoma River LAC. If you appreciate the Mascoma River, and want to see continued improvements in the river environment and access, you may want to know about us and support us.

The Mascoma River Local Advisory Committee (Mascoma River LAC) is a group of volunteers from Lebanon, Enfield, and Canaan, elected by the respective town selectboard or city council. We received appointments from the NH Department of Environmental Services, and are authorized by State law to advise both state and local authorities, on the management and protection of the Mascoma River. In addition, the Mascoma River LAC promotes recognition and appreciation of the Mascoma River and works for the wise stewardship of its resources. In 2012, we supported the Rotary Clubs semi-annual river cleanup, & co-sponsored a seminar on Septic systems. In Spring of 2013 we sponsored a seminar on understanding the Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act.

We invite you to meet with us on the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the UVLSRPC offices.

The Mascoma River LAC receives no dedicated funding from the State, but we need funds for development of educational materials, research, and event organization. We are seeking funding from grants, local sources, philanthropic organizations, and individual donations. We hope you will support us by visiting our LAC website, and by sending a donation to support our work. All donations are tax deductible, and can be mailed to the address above.

Thank you for your support,

  • Bill Chabot, Canaan
  • Chuck Townsend, Canaan
  • Michael Mezzacapo, Canaan
  • Ernst Oidtmann, Lebanon
  • David Rosengarten, Lebanon
  • Don MacMeekin, Enfield
  • Charles Koburger, Enfield
  • Alv Elvestad, Enfield
Mascoma Lake


The Conservation Commission's mission is to:

  • Recommend proper utilization and protection of the Town's natural resources
  • Provide protection of the Town's watershed resources

What it can do:

  • The Commission catalogs the natural resources of the Town and explores issues and management strategies for those resources.
  • The Commission makes recommendations to the Selectmen and to the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development for the better utilization of the Town's resources.
  • The Commission may accept gifts of money and/or property, subject to the Selectmen's approval, that will be used to further the Commission's mission.
  • The Commission may also acquire property, water rights or development rights to further its mission.

Easement Map

Visit the Nature Hut!

Nature Hut Trail Map

Exterior Conservation Hut

Town Forest Sign The Nature Hut is located in the Town Forest along Rt 4. The Town Forest is a unique forested wetland, whose topography changes with the season. It is also an important nesting area for the endangered Canada Warbler.

Marked entryway to the Town ForestParking is on the north side of Rt 4, in the pull off, located approximately 1/2 mile west of Lafortune Rd. The trail from the parking area to the hut is 1/2 mile in length. There are also three shorter trails which begin & end at the hut.

The Nature Hut was built by volunteers from the Conservation Commission and Mascoma High School.

Trail View 1  Trail View 2  Trail View 3

Log In Book  Track Map in Hut

Hut Skull  Hut Interior 2  Hut Interior 3