• Purpose
  • Members

The Select Board, acting as a board and not individually, manages the affairs of the Town. They are authorized to:

board member advising a committee member
  • Propose a budget to the Budget Committee and voters
  • Set tax rates
  • Authorize the spending money within the total voter approved appropriation
  • Manage finances
  • Managing roads, facilities and employees
  • Appoint officials
  • Convey land
  • Layout highways
  • Issue licenses
  • Set fees
  • Establish welfare guidelines
  • Hold hearings
  • Communicate for the Town
  • Establish Town policy
  • Adopt many types of ordinances

board members at table

Members (followed by year of term end):

Scott Borthwick
Scott Borthwick, Chairman 2020

David McAlister
David McAlister, 2022

Al Posnanski
Al Posnanski, 2021

Support Staff

Michael Samson
Michael Samson, Town Administrator

sharon duffy
Sharon Duffy, Communications

laura bicknell
Laura Bicknell, Website